30 Jan Gordal Stuffed Olives, an appetizer to surprise your guests

Surprise your guests with this innovative appetizer featuring Gordal Olmeda Orígenes Olives. The preparation is quick and versatile, as you can choose from anchovies, white anchovies, oranges, or mandarins to customize it according to your preferences. Add an elegant touch to the presentation by using vermouth pipettes. It will be a complete success at your next gathering.

But first, let’s understand the origin of Gordal olives.

1. Origin

Gordal Olmeda Orígenes Pitted Olive from Córdoba is a gastronomic treasure known for its generous size, fleshy texture, and rich, authentic flavor.

2. Size and Appearance:

The Gordal olive is renowned for being the largest olive variety. Its substantial size and oval shape make it easily recognizable.

3. Provenance

Originating from the Andalusian region of Córdoba, these olives benefit from the climate and ideal conditions for cultivation in that area

4. Flavor

The Pitted Gordal from Córdoba has a mild and delicate flavor with a slightly sweet touch. Its fleshy pulp contributes to a unique sensory experience.

5. Culinary versatility

Due to its size and texture, the Pitted Gordal is ideal for stuffing and combining with various ingredients. Besides being enjoyed as an appetizer, it is common to find it in salads, rice dishes, and tapenades.

We prepare these olives following the simplest and most natural recipe, adding just what is necessary to enhance the intrinsic flavor of the olives. Green olives with and without pits of the finest quality, aroma, texture, color, and taste. They are perfect for stuffing with almonds or garlic.

6. Preparation



  1. Cut the olives in half to form a sandwich shape.
  2. Fill each olive with a wedge of orange or mandarin and an anchovy or white anchovy according to taste.
  3. Cover with the other half of the anchovy.
  4. Fill a pipette with vermouth and pierce the olive.
  5. Ready to serve.