Olmeda Origenes | Natural Powder Tomato.
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Natural Powder Tomato

From natural tomatoes cultivated in Extremadura (Vega del Guadiana), in the open air we get our natural powder tomato Olmeda Origenes. The tomato seeds have been selected naturally for years, they have not been genetically modified (GMO FREE).

The tomatoes are planted in March and harvested in August, at the time the tomatoes are naturally coloured and flavoured with the sun and heat in the open air. They come from sustainable agriculture and they are cropped at their optimum point of maduration. This product is the simplified result of the work of expert engineers and biologists, with the most advanced technology. The tomatoes and hand selected and washed. The tomato is pulverized less than 12 hours after being cropped. The skin and seeds are removed and the tomato is dehydrated with heat.


1 Kg of tomato powder is made with 20 kilos natural tomatoes from Extremadura, and makes 12 Litres of tomato paste. It is cost saving and measurable, perfecto to determine the quantity used in order to determine the cost per serving, crucial for Food Service. It has the natural coloration and flavour of the natural tomatoes from August, available at any time within its 2 years of shelf life.

Shelf Life

2 years


Badajoz, Extremadura.


  • Bucket 1 Kg

Product code: 27021