Olmeda Origenes | White anchovies seasoned in vinegar and olive oil
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White Anchovies seasoned in Vinegar and Olive Oil

A bar in Barcelona, a tasca in Madrid, a taberna in Bilbao and an outdoor bar in Seville all have in common one same tapa.


The anchovy is a small fish. Each loin is cleaned by hand, and then marinated in vinegar, olive oil, water and salt. with some chopped garlic and parsley, following the traditional recipe

Tasting note

The flesh of the Boquerón is white and its skin is shiny. It has a fleshy and juicy texture and a fine and soft vinegar flavour. It can be server on its own or dressed with olive oil, garlic and parsley.

Cooking suggestion

Wedding Toast: Anchovies & white anchovies.


Shelf Life

4 months


Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean



  • Tray 100 gr ( 15/18 fillets)

Product code: 17006

  • Tray 740 gr (65/75 fillets)

Product code: 17005