IKEA Spain Chose Olmeda Orígenes’ House

20 Jun IKEA Spain Chose Olmeda Orígenes’ House

In an innovative move to connect with its customers and highlight the beauty of rural life, IKEA Spain has selected Casa de Olmeda Orígenes, located in Olmeda de las Fuentes, as the perfect setting for a live event. This event aims to showcase IKEA’s range of outdoor products and how they harmoniously integrate with the rural environment.

A Dream Setting in Olmeda de las Fuentes

Olmeda de las Fuentes is renowned for its picturesque charm and rich history. This small municipality in the Community of Madrid offers an idyllic landscape with cobbled streets, white houses, and a tranquil atmosphere that seems straight out of a storybook. Casa de Olmeda Orígenes, an architectural gem in this setting, becomes the perfect venue to demonstrate how IKEA products can complement and enhance rural living.

Olmeda Orígenes: A Testament to Tradition and Quality

Olmeda Orígenes is not just a house; it is a celebration of Spain’s rich tradition and culinary culture. This project aims to highlight the best products of rural Spain, paying homage to a village that symbolizes the wealth of Spanish culinary tradition. In Olmeda de las Fuentes, bread tastes like freshly baked flour, tomatoes like the hands that cultivate them, meat like spring pastures, and cheese like cream. Good cooking is simple, and that’s what we seek: origins of a village that doesn’t need to spend too much to eat the best of its land.

The Concept of the Live Event

The live event, broadcast through IKEA Spain’s social media channels, focused on rural life and the functionality of IKEA’s outdoor products. Viewers saw how IKEA furniture and accessories can transform an outdoor space, making it more comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. From outdoor dining sets to storage solutions and décor, IKEA showcased a variety of products designed to enhance the outdoor experience.

The Importance of Sustainability

In line with IKEA’s commitment to sustainability, many of the products showcased are made from recycled and sustainable materials. IKEA continues to innovate in eco-friendly design, ensuring that its products are not only functional and attractive but also environmentally friendly.

Real-Time Interaction

One of the most exciting features of the event was the real-time interaction. Viewers asked questions and received live responses about the products and their use. Additionally, tips and tricks were offered to make the most of outdoor spaces, tailored to both large gardens and small urban balconies.

Olmeda Orígenes – Olmeda de las Fuentes

The choice of Casa de Olmeda Orígenes in Olmeda de las Fuentes for this live event is a testament to IKEA’s commitment to innovation and customer connection. By highlighting rural life and outdoor products in such an enchanting setting, IKEA Spain not only promotes its product range but also inspires viewers to rediscover and revitalize their own outdoor spaces.