Olmeda Orígenes | Anchodina.
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In order to preserve the fish, which was brought inland from the Atlantic Ocean, our grandparents, used to season the sardines, and leave them to cure in the cold Castilian air.

The anchodina is the cleaned loin of the sardine “pilchardus”. Each Anchodina Olmeda Origenes is cleaned by hand, the bones are removed but the loin keeps the skin. After being seasoned, it is preserved in oil and left to dry for some days.

Tasting note

It has a similar color to anchovies, but it is shinier.

It has a fleshy and a firm texture. The anchodina has a salty aroma, and is delicious on the palate, with a very nice touch of salt.

Shelf Life

12 months


Mediterranean and Cantabrian Sea


  • Tray 100 gr (9-11 fillets)

Product code: 17003

  • Tray 740 grs (45/50 fillets)

Product code: 17004