22 May #Olmedatelier: vesubiana pasta




• 400 grs. of spelt Garganelli ecologic pasta

• 400 grs. of peeled and crushed tomatoes

• 60 grs. de Manzanilla pitted olives of Olmeda Orígenes

• 1 garlic

• 1 cayenne pepper

• Oregano

• Ground black pepper

Fleur de sel of Olmeda Orígenes

• Grated Mahón Cheese of Olmeda Orígenes



1. Peel and cut up the garlic, we need to fry it with a bit of oil in a big frying pan with the cayenne pepper

2. When it starts to brown we add the peeled and crushed tomatoes and we leave to cook on a slow heat for around 15 minutes

3. We cook the pasta  in plenty of salted water  and once the pasta is ”al dente” the pasta must be drained but remember to leave a bit of water from the cooking

4. The next step is to cut by hand the olives and we add them to the stir-fry together with the capers and oregano to mix all together

5. After that the pasta with the water from the cooking must be added to the pan where the stri-fry its being mix so the pasta is more succulent

6. To finish with the dish we sprinkle with enough grated Mahón cheese and ground black pepper to cover the dish a bit mix it all together




If you love spicy food you should add more cayenne pepper, as well as the quantity of capers must be according to your liking.

Enjoy the vesubiana pasta dish!


Recipe made by: La cocinera de Bétulo

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