30 Jun Finger licking Olives

Finger Licking Olives: Unveiling the Origin and Sensational Seasoning

Table olives, those small, savory fruits, have been a part of cuisine for centuries. Renowned for their rich taste and versatility, are now an essential ingredient worldwide, and especially in Mediterranean and Middle Eastern dishes. Among the many varieties available, one that stands out is Olmeda Origenes’ Finger licking olives – a true delight for food enthusiasts around the world.


Where do Finger licking olives come from? Finger licking olives by Olmeda Origenes come from Puente Genil in Córdoba, a region of Andalusia. The region of Cordoba is known worldwide for cultivating the highest quality olives in the world and is cradle of the award-winning extra virgin olive oils. The olive groves are cultivated traditionally and pass from generation to generation, with ancient trees producing these small jewels called olives. The region’s favorable climate and centuries-old olive groves contribute to the exceptional quality and taste of the olives. The olive cultivation in Cordoba benefits from the region’s mild winters, hot summers, and abundant sunshine, creating ideal conditions for olive trees to thrive.


Why are Finger licking olives so special?  Finger licking olives are made following the traditional Andalusian recipe of “aceitunas machacás” which are partially broken with a stone to let all the flavors penetrate to the core of the olive. Finger licking olives are made from verdial, hojiblanca, and basta varieties of olives that have a characteristic deep green color.

The Seasoning:

When it comes to the seasoning Finger licking olives, there are countless possibilities that can tantalize taste buds and elevate their flavor. The seasoning is made up from many different natural spices of the best quality to give the olives a special flavor and smell. Garlic and pepper are the main characters of this seasoning, which takes the Andalusian recipe as the very base. Then red peppers, garlic, natural spices and aromatic herbs are blended together for a mouth-watering blend of seasoning and a distinctive aroma.

Finger licking Olives From Andalusia to The Whole World By Omeda Origenes:

In recent years, Finger licking olives have gained popularity beyond their Mediterranean roots, finding their way into the kitchens and hearts of people worldwide. Olmeda Origenes now supplies these delicious jewels of the Mediterranean worldwide in places like Uruguay, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Dubai, Chile, Austria, Finland, Lithuania, and many more! They have become a staple ingredient in modern culinary explorations of inspiring chefs and home cooks as one of the best possible aperitivos.