26 Mar Olmeda Origenes presenting White Tuna Loins from the Cantabrian Sea in olive oil

We are happy to present our new product: White tuna loins from the Cantabrian Sea in Olive Oil, in jar format.

White Tuna (Thunnus alalunga) is the most prized variety of tuna. It reaches 33 kg approx. and lives around the Bay of Biscay. During summer, the fish approaches to the shore in the Bay of Biscay (Cantabrian Sea, FAO 27 – VIII C ), the fishing season lasts from June to August.

The fish is captured by means of a highly respectful fishing method: one by one in open waters directly from the ship, using a rod and reel and living bait. This method allows not only to respect the sea bed, but also to preserve the species, as it allows to select the fish and those not suiting size or species are back in the sea.

Tuna is washed, hand eviscerated and cleaned the same day of capture to preserve all its properties and flavour. After cleaned, the whole tuna is boiled in artisanal oven for several hours and let cool for a day. Loins are selected and only the white, clean and full pieces are packed one by one in the jar and covered in olive oil. Finally the jars are vacuum sealed and labelled in our Olmeda Origenes label.

– Ingredients: White Tuna (Thunnus Alalunga), olive oil, sea salt. 

– 210 grs net weight / 140 gr drained weight.

– Storage conditions: room temperature, dry, cool place. Once open cover with olive oil and consume within the next 7 days.

– Shelf life: 5 years

Email us for more info!: export@olmedaorigenes.com