20 Mar All the secrets behind natural tomato powder Olmeda Origenes #chefsolutions

Today we want to share with you some info about our natural tomato powder. From natural tomatoes cultivated in Extremadura (Vega del Guadiana), in the open air we get our natural powder tomato Olmeda Origenes. But, how do we achieve its amazing flavour? The tomato seeds have been selected naturally for years, they have not been genetically modified, so the product is GMO FREE. These seeds are planted in March and harvested in August, at the time the tomatoes are naturally coloured and flavoured with the sun and heat in the open air. They come from sustainable agriculture and they are cropped at their optimum point of maduration. Only the ripe tomatoes are collected to guarantee flavour and quality. The green tomatoes are left in the plant until they are ripe enough by means of optical selection.And how is it made? This product is the simplified result of the work of expert engineers and biologists, with the most advanced technology. The tomatoes are optically sorted and washed before being processed. Last step before crushing them is manual selection. The tomato is processed less than 12 hours after being cropped, maintaining all the properties and getting a super pure product of almost 100% tomato. Then the skin and seeds are removed and the tomato is concentrated, taking the water our using only physical methods. A special machine pulverizes the tomato paste with hot air, leaving only the most pure tomato powder and no additives, sugar, colouring or preservatives are added.

What are the benefits? 1 Kg of tomato powder has been made with 20 kilos of natural tomatoes from Extremadura, cultivated in the open air. With 1 Kg of product you get 12 Litres of pure tomato paste.

In proportion:  we would need 500 grs of fresh tomatoes, to peel and cook them, while only 25 grams of powder contain these 500 grs of tomato.When rehydrated, the 25 grs of powder tomato makes 300 ml of tomato paste. By using natural tomato powder you save: peeling, electricity, cooking, cleaning, and tomato depletion. In fact it is very hard to find tasty and colourful tomatoes after August / September. After this time the product available for public purchase has been cultivated in a greenhouse and madurated in chambers, not in the plant. Most times poorly flavoured tomatoes affect the quality of the dish. Natural powder tomato Olmeda Origenes allows to enjoy the flavour and characteristics of the summer tomatoes, at any time within its 2 years of shelf life. In addition, it maintains all the properties, and it contains 1200 ppms of lycopene, a powerful antioxidant present in tomato. It also retains its amazing natural aroma and traces of natural coloration.

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