22 Sep The benefits of Pepper and Spain as one of the largest producers in the world..


[vc_column_text] The pepper season has already begun..

Currently there are a big variety of pepper in our gastronomy: green, red, piquillo peppers, riojanos, de Guernika… but the benefits of this vegetable are quite the same in each type!

1- It has a high content of fibre so it is usually used in diets for weight reduction.
2- Pepper contributes to the low the cholesterol in blood.
3- And also to the good control of blood sugar in people with diabetes.

The high demand for fresh and preserved pepper has placed Spain in the top 5 producers of pepper in the world.

Piquillo Pepper from Olmeda Orígenes

The intense red color it’s a clear feature of the Piquillo Peppers, but the quality nutrients that contains  this vegetable are also thanks to its colour and they are crucial to our health.
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To take maximum advantage of the properties and benefits of the Piquillo Pepper it is important that the production process takes care of the product with a natural and artesanal process as it is done in the Olmeda Orígenes farms. This way you can guarantee that the product it has not been changed between the pickup and the moment that you are eating the product.

The magnificent Piquillo Pepper are grown and picked up in Navarra, on the left bank of the Ebro river, at the foot of the La Peña hill. They are hand picked up between the months of September and November and then roasted and peeled by hand.

Here you have some recipes #Olmedatelier with Piquillo Peppers:

Receta 1                        Receta 2

Sardines and Piquillo Peppers Salad           ”Pintxo” of Piquillo peppers stuffed with white tuna

Visit our Youtube channel to learn how are made our Piquillo Peppers Olmeda Orígenes..