21 Jan Sobrasada de Mallorca, a “plaisir” to the palate with ancestral roots

The Sobrasada de Mallorca is the most typical cold meat of Palma de Mallorca, declared “Intangible cultural heritage” in 2010 by UNESCO. Realizing it might result unfamiliar to many, we would like to present this Mediterranean product together with some possible applications, so we all can enjoy the incomparable taste of a traditional sobrasada
New Year, new products: we are very excited to present this Spicy Sobrasada de Mallorca Olmeda Orígenes. This is a very traditional cold meat we love to eat due to its intense flavour, its powerful red color, great texture and those nuances characteristic of those tastes of the past. This is a versatile cold meat of great nutritional value and emotional worth due to its historic roots in the spanish gastronomy. 

Made with pork, paprika and salt, sobrasada is a product of our history, born in an attempt to better conserve meat. The first historical benchmark of this product dates back to 1403, but it is from the 17th century onwards that we count with more historical references. In the 18th century, pepper was introduced in the sobrasada, the ingredient that confers its characteristic red color. 

In Olmeda Orígenes we have selected the best sobrasada mallorquina for you, made by our master craftsman who has more than 100 years of experience. It is stuffed in natural and cured casing for approximately 90 days, with a nice spicy touch at the end. Ideal with:

  • A slice of toasted bread
  • French fries
  • Broken eggs
  • Macaroni with tomato sauce
  • Honey for a sweet-spicy contrast
  • Mahon cheese or manchego cheese
  • Pizza

A delicious and simple tapa can be: a slice of bread with a layer of our flavourful spicy sobrasada and a manchego cheese. Then you put it to grill and finally add a bit of honey on top to enhance all the flavour. Easy, quick and tasty.

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