10 Aug #Olmedatelier: Volovanes pastry with egg and chistorra




• 1 rectangle layer of pastry

• Chistorra Olmeda Orígenes

• 4 spoons of tomato sauce

• Grated cheese

• 5 eggs

• Oregano



1. Peel the skin of the chistorra and shred it.

2. Preheat the oven (200º C)

3. Cut the layer of pastry into four pieces, bend the corners and seal them well with beaten egg so that they do not unfold inside the oven.

4. Prick the middle of the layer of pastry with a fork to prevent the volovan to expand in it self and cover it with one spoon of tomato sauce.

5. Add on the top of the tomato sauce some grated cheese and chistorra, leaving the centre free for the egg.

6. Sprinkle some oregano.

7. Baste with the beaten egg the parts of the layer of pastry not covered by any other ingredient and put 20 minutes in the oven.

8. During the last 5 minutes we have to add one egg in the centre of each layer of pastry. After the 5 minutes remove from the oven.


Watch the official video of Saltando la dieta:

Try to give the dish a different savour with our Manchego Cheese Olmeda Orígenes grated!
Enjoy the dish!
Recipe made by: Saltando la dieta
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