09 Apr #Olmedatelier: Sobrasada & Meat pie: Panades Mallorquines



“Les panades” are a kind of pie, basket-shaped made up of a dough of pork fat and flour. The baskets are stuffed with meat, peas, and the special touch of sobrasada. In Mallorca they are a substitute of sandwiches, and people there eat them every time, as although it is typical from Easter, panades can be found at the bakery at any time of they year.

What characterises a good pie are the ingredients, as all recipes. Due to that we have selected the best quality products as Sobrasada Olmeda Orígenes.


To elaborate de dough

• 1 cup of pork fat or butter

• 2 cups of milk

• 1 cup of olive oil Olmeda Origenes

• 1 small spoon of salt

• 1300 gr of all purpose flour/ integral flour

To elaborate the stuffing

• Peas

• 750 – 1000 gr pork or chicken meat

Sobrasada DOP Mallorca Olmeda Origenes

• salt

• pepper

• garlic powder

• onion powder

• olive oil Olmeda Origenes

Smoked sweet paprika Olmeda Origenes


1. Season the meat with 2 spoons of smoked sweet paprika Olmeda Origenes, 1 spoon of garlic powder, one spoon of onion powder, salt, pepper and two spoons of olive oil. Leave it to marinate in the fridge between 2 hours and 1 day.

2. To make the dough the first step is to fill a cup with pork fat or butter and put it in a bowl together with the milk, salt, and olive oil, and add half of the flour. Mix with the hands and add the rest of the flour while mixing until the dough does not stick to the hands. Leave it rest in the fridge for 30 minutes.

3. Now we can make the baskets. To do so, we need to make balls of dough of approximately 75 gr, we will pour flour on a surface and make the ball flat in a basket shape on an over paper. Don’t hesitate to watch the VIDEO in order to learn more about how to do the basket!

4. Once the baskets are made and the marinated meat cooked, we will fill in the baskets with the meat, pies and slices of sobrasada, seasoned with salt, pepper and smoked sweet paprika.

5. Once they are filled we need to do a lid for the basket with dough, and we will seal the borders.

6. Pinch the lid with a for so that steam can come off. We put them in the oven at 180ºC during 20/30 minutes

7. Our ‘’panades’’ are ready to eat!



Watch the official video by La cocina Fácil de Lara:

Enjoy the dish!
Recipe made by: La cocina fácil de Lara
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