12 Jan #Olmedatelier: Pluma pasta with Red Mojo Picón




• 400 gr. of scratch ”pluma” pasta

• 1/2 of a medium onion

• Extra Virgin Olive Oil Olmeda Orígenes

• 6 fresh sausages without skin

• 600 gr. of natural diced tomato

• Red Mojo Picón Ayanto Olmeda Orígenes

• Dried basil

• Oregano

• Fleur de Sel Olmeda Orígenes

• 200 gr of sour cream or single cream to cook

• Mahón Semicured Cheese Olmeda Orígenes


1. Pour the Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a big frying pan. Once the oil is hot enough add the 6 fresh sausages breaking up the meat with a spoon. When the sausages have the golden colour that we are looking for, we pull out the frying pan from the cooking fire.

2. We use the same oil to fry the 1/2 medium onion well chopped. then, we add the natural diced tomato, the dried basil and Red Mojo Picon to taste and stays on a low heat for 15-20 minutes until we get the desired thickness.

3. While we cook the sauce, we put a pot to boil with water and Fleur de Sel. As it comes to boil add the pasta and leaved until the pasta is al dente.

4. When the sauce is with the desired thickness, add the sour cream and leave it 5 more minutes. Start stirring the sauce while adding the pasta to the frying pan.

5. As a final touch, serve the pasta in a plate and  add the Mahon Semicured Cheese shredded to taste.

Receta mojo 2

Recipe made by: Disfrutando de la Cocina

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