07 Mar #Olmedatelier: Artisan Mojo Picón hummus from the Canary Islands



The Canarian cuisine and bereber has many similarities, the geographical proximity has favored an intercultural exchange with the northern African continent. Nevertheless, it is said that the first inhabitants of our islands came from the north of Africa. Maybe it was them who started to make mojo picón, as it is true that hummus ingredients have a close relationship with the ones mojo contains. Due to that reason, the combination of both comes to be sublime, being this version one of the best ones.

Mojo Picón Hummus

Ingredients ( 5/6 people):

750 g boiled chickpeas

2 garlic cloves

1 lemon

1 glass of tahina

1/2 glass of water, you can add more or less depending on the desired consistency

1/2 small spoon ground caraway

 2 big spoons of yogurt

 2 big spoons of chopped coriander

Extra virgin olive oil

1 small spoon of salt

4 o 3 large spoons of artisan Mojo Picón AYANTO  from the Canary Islands. You can choose between hot or mild, depending on your taste and the intensity you want to achieve.


1 Peel the garlic cloves, put them in the blender together with the chickpeas, juice of one lemon, water, tahina and mojo picon AYANTO either hot or mild. We recommend 3 large spoons of mojo picon, but you can add one more for a more intense flavor. Finally add salt.

2 Blend until the result is a uniform paste, that is light and slightly compact. If it is too thick you can add either more water, more olive oil, or one more spoon of artisan mojo picón.  Finally, salt to taste.

3 Extend the product on a flat dish. Season with small threads of olive oil and decorate it with a small spoon of Mojo picón AYANTO .

They combine perfectly with pitta bread, picos and regañás, but you can also try to change the type of legume for some beans of any type.