29 Nov New discovery about the properties contained in the skin of olives!


[vc_column_text] New discovery about the properties contained in the skin of olives!

This week the research group of Biology of Integrative, Metabolic and Cancer System of the University of Barcelona discovered that the properties contained in the skin of olives reduces markedly the intestinal tumors.

This natural supplement made from olive residue left over from oil production, will help reduce intestinal tumors and ¨generate value by taking advantage of the food industry waste¨ the head of the research Marta Cascante has predicted.

The investigations have been only with mice, which have been given the olive skins composite for six weeks if the reduction of intestinal polyps was effective, thus demonstrating a reduction of 45%.

The researcher highlight the importance of developing a product of this type because people who suffer these intestinal polyps have to undergo throughout their lives to very extensive controls and various extractions of polyps to prevent them to become tumors.

Source: RTVE