11 Feb Discover our natural tomato powder

Natural Tomato Powder was a product we launched in 2010 to meet the demands of professional kitchens for a durable product with all the intact properties of summer tomatoes. From Olmeda Orígenes we present this explanatory video where we expose all the benefits of this incredible product along with a healthy, easy and delicious recipe.
Advantages and Benefits of the product
  • 2 year Shelf life, Dry storage
  • Small footprint in the storage room (space saving)
  • 100% yield of product
  • Low labor cost
  • Safety- No cans to open and handle
  • Consistency in product all year round
  • Easy to use
  • 100% natural
  • Multiple applications – (i.e.- Tomato juice, Tomato marinara, Tomato paste & Cocktails)
  • Dry Application- Seasoning

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