14 Jul Italian trip of our Olmeda Orígenes team and Premio Roma 2017..



The Olmeda Orígenes team is always trying to visit all of the clients in the different areas of the world and promoting the best Spanish food.

Last stop: Italia..

Olmeda Orígenes participated in the GRAN MARE DI CHAMPAGNE last 11th of June in Alassio. It was an event where more than 1.200 restaurateurs of Italy turned to inaugurate the summer season in the Blue Coast. After that, we finished the trip at Genova and it’s coast.


In addition to that..

We want to mention the passion that Italy has about our Torta Extremeña cheese… they love and talk wonderful things about it! Year after year it is celebrated in Rome a prestigious international contest organized by the Cámara de Comercio in the italian capital. In the 2017 contest our Torta Extremeña achieved the third place in the ”cheeses elaborated with vegetable rennet”.

Premio Torta 2

As we sustain in Olmeda Orígenes, our artisans fight everyday to offer the best quality of their products in which they put their heart, effort and time… This shows that our products are leading the market all over the world!