14 Jan Coming back to the origin: a praise to the spanish cuisine

Olmeda Orígenes is a homage to the Spanish gastronomy: we select the best spanish products to let our gastronomy be known for its worth. This goes further beyond commercial interest, we wish to represent our country in the same manner as diplomats represent Spain in their diplomatic missions. In fact, the idea for Olmeda Orígenes has a lot to do with diplomacy, as it has also a lot to do with our villages, the origins and indubitably, our beloved cuisine. Apparently, nothing of these elements seem to be related, however it was the fusion of all these different factors that Olmeda Orígenes was born in 2007 as a personal project of Jesús Peláez Montejos, whose aim was (and still is) to travel around the world as an ambassador of Spanish gastronomic culture and to promote the use of our products in worldwide high cuisine. In this article we are taking a quick look to the past of Olmeda Orígenes, how the idea was conceived and the path followed which has taken us where we are at the present.

The idea behind Olmeda Orígenes was born from a lawyer’s mind, and even if the first main motivation to study law for Jesús was to access to the diplomatic academy, the underlying reasons to join the diplomatic corps are found in the very values of our company. The thrift to travel around the world, the desire to act as a representative of Spain, those goals were combined with Jesús’ passion for alimentation and Spanish gastronomy, distancing him from the diplomatic service but moving him closer to Olmeda Orígenes.

At a given point, Jesús wanted to apply the professional experience he had gained during those years into a new personal project: the first seed of Olmeda Orígenes. He thought about his home village in Olmeda de las Fuentes, where he grew up and remembered what his father used to say about searching the soul of things at its origins. The origins are the countryside, the villages, the rural essence… Those things represented the authentic products of the land, the artisan way of elaborating the best gastronomy, the richness of traditional Spanish cuisine.

After laying the grounds for the company, Jesús aspired to link these artisan traditional products with up-to-day concepts of high cuisine and premium quality; and for that purpose he aimed to make a selection of the best Spanish products, so his company could send a powerful message about our rich gastronomy -away from the typical concept of the paella, and the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet. At first, this was made with “Gala España”, a company founded in 2000 together with his partner Manuel Medina and who got the representation of multiple food companies. Gala España was the precedent, before taking the decision of founding Olmeda Orígenes in 2007, to facilitate working with independent artisan producers and the creation of a extensive portfolio of products under a unique brand. The vinegars were launched first, then the olive oils, delicatessen products and soon more products were incorporated to the range… What started with a few products now makes up for a selection of what we consider the Best Spanish products.

With the time, Olmeda Orígenes gets bigger and bigger, we are not longer two partners but a whole team of professionals, working day after day to deliver the best customer experience as possible and to keep building loyal  relationships with our partners. We want to express our appreciation for having read this article and your interest in Olmeda Orígenes.