20 Jun Hand-Cut Iberian Bellota Ham in a Crystal Jar.

Elevate Your Hotel Minibar Experience with Hand-Cut, 100% Iberian Ham from Salamanca: A Revolutionary Product Exclusive by Olmeda Origenes

When it comes to the expertise of hotel luxury, every small detail has the potential to make all the difference in a customer’s experience. When guests make those first steps into their hotel rooms, they seek luxury that goes beyond the standard. To make a hotel mini bar stand out featuring elevated products such as our hand-cut 100% Iberian ham in a crystal jar from Salamanca can raise the experience to new heights. This revolutionary product, exclusively offered by Olmeda Origenes, showcases a commitment to excellence and authenticity.


Elevating the Hotel Minibar Experience:

With hand-cut, 100% Iberian ham from Salamanca, hotel minibars can create an experience of luxury Spanish gastronomy. Guests can then enjoy Spanish culinary excellence from the comfort of their rooms. With the crystal jar packaging and tweezers, anyone can assemble a decadent plate of ham, for a perfect aperitivo without room service. This touch will make the lasting impression to create a memorable experience for every traveler.

Tradition of Salamanca’s Iberian Ham:

Salamanca, a small province in Spain, is known across the world for its centuries-old tradition of producing the finest quality Iberian ham. The beautiful rolling hills and unique climate is ideal for raising Iberian pigs, famous for their melt-in-your-mouth flavor. These Iberian pigs are grazed in Mediterranean forests, eating 9kg of acorns and herbs from Holm oaks and Cork oak trees.The pigs’ diets consist of acorns and natural pastures, which contribute to the ham’s exceptional taste. The product is highly coveted for the artisan skill needed to create the ham, making it a favorite of food enthusiasts worldwide.


A Cut Above the Rest:

Olmeda Origenes’ hand-cut Iberian ham in a jar is dedicated to maintaining the authentic flavors of the Spanish artisans that Salamanca is known for. The ham is carefully hand sliced by expert artisans who have honed their craft over generations. The meat’s natural sweetness, combined with delicate notes of nuttiness and a hint of saltiness, pairs well with other wines, beers, and snacks minibars have to offer. The crystal jar also keeps the ham fresh and delicious to save for later.


Quality and Traceability:

Olmeda Origenes main priority is quality and traceability. The selection process is rigorous, this ensures only the best products are sent from our table to yours. Olmeda Origenes also has full traceability, so the customer knows from farm to plate the journey, providing them with peace of mind about the product’s origin and authenticity.

In the hospitality industry attention to detail is important to leaving guests with memorable experiences. By introducing hand-cut, 100% Iberian ham in a crystal jar from Salamanca by Olmeda Origenes to hotel minibars, the experience will exceed guests’ expectations. This product showcases both Spain’s culinary tradition and the flavor, quality, and authenticity of Spain’s gastronomy.