21 Feb Olmeda Orígenes: Elevating Culinary Excellence at Chef Middle East’s ‘Crave’ Event in Dubai and Doha

Discover how Olmeda Orígenes becomes a prominent presence at “Crave,” the prestigious culinary event organized by Chef Middle East in Dubai and Doha. Explore the excellence of premium Spanish products offered by Olmeda Orígenes, including a paella demonstration with their bomba rice, led by Chef George Schihane.

Olmeda Orígenes: Spanish Gastronomic Excellence

Olmeda Orígenes is recognized as a leading brand in the world of Spanish gourmet products. Specializing in the production and distribution of a wide variety of high-quality foods, Olmeda Orígenes attended the “Crave” event to showcase their range of artisan Spanish products.

A Wide Selection of Gourmet Products

During “Crave,” Olmeda Orígenes stood out with a wide variety of products, from piquillo peppers and quince paste to bomba rice and a variety of olives. They also presented their famous cheeses, anchovies, and marinated white anchovies, offering attendees a complete and authentic gastronomic experience.

Paella Demonstration with Bomba Rice

One of the highlights of the event was the preparation of a delicious Spanish paella with Olmeda Orígenes’ bomba rice, led by renowned Chef George Schihane. This culinary demonstration not only delighted attendees with its exquisite flavor but also highlighted the versatility and quality of Spanish rice.

An Unforgettable Gastronomic Experience

With Olmeda Orígenes present at “Crave,” attendees had the opportunity to enjoy a truly unique culinary experience. From exclusive tastings to live demonstrations, every moment was imbued with the incomparable flavor and exceptional quality of Olmeda Orígenes’ products.

Olmeda Orígenes’ presence at “Crave” elevated this exclusive culinary event to new heights of excellence and distinction. With their outstanding selection of gourmet products and their commitment to quality, Olmeda Orígenes won the hearts of attendees and left a lasting impression on the culinary scene in Dubai and Doha.