12 Jun 9 things you should know about Spain..



1. Spain consists not only of the Iberian Peninsula.. Baleares Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla must not be forgotten!



2. It is typical in Spain to enjoy the vermú or aperitif before lunch.



3. But what really defines the spanish is to eat lunch and dinner very late.. it could also happen that the vermú become an improvised lunch with friends and family!



4. Spain is the number one Olive Oil producer, but also with the best quality of the world as we know in Olmeda Orígenes.



5. Spanish is not the only language spoken in the country, we also have some dialects as Basque, Galician, Catalan, Mallorquin y Valencian.


6. But what divides Spain as a country it is supporting your football team: Real Madrid vs. Barça.



7. The siesta is an important key part of our spanish timetable.. after eating lunch it is the best time for sleeping siesta! Lucky who can enjoy it everyday, if not it must be present during the weekend!



8. Spanish cañas always include the best tapas with typical products from the country so we can start ”opening the appetite”!



9. Spanish gastronomy can boast itself to be one of the bests in the world.. not only because of the food taste but also to the broad variety of products that we have and which Olmeda Origenes select from all the spanish regions to offer the best possible quality.


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