07 Sep 5 things you must know about figs..


[vc_column_text] The fig season has already begun..

The fig season usually starts in September, but this year has already begun because of the high temperatures during the summer.. and we love it!

1- The fig is a mediterranean fruit but also grows in most of the hot dry areas.

2- It counts with a high sugar concentration which means that it is a great source of energy.

3- To take maximum advantage of the properties and benefits of the fig we must eat ripe and natural ones.

4- They are characterized due to its high supply of fibre and also high water content.

5- They also exist some fig derived products as fig jam or the Fig Bread from Olmeda Orígenes that preserves the nutritional properties of the fig and makes longer the time to eat this fruit.

The Olmeda Orígenes Fig Bread

In Extremadura, fruits are selected, one by one, and then mixed with walnuts and spices,pan-de-higos achieving our spectacular Fig Bread Olmeda Orígenes.

They are ideal as dessert or accompanying cheeses and dried fruits. They are also wonderful as a snack with jam and perfectly matched with a sweet wine, such as Pedro Ximenez.

Please find some #Olmedatelier recipes with this fantastic product in our website such as the Autumn Salad or the Arabic Desert.

Visit our Youtube channel to learn more about this product..