12 Dec The magnificent life in nature of black Iberian Pig Olmeda Origenes!


[vc_column_text]The magnificent life in nature of  black Iberian Pig Olmeda Origenes!img-20161206-wa0040

The well-known the Spanish Iberian acorn Ham “Pata Negra or Jamón Ibérico de Bellota” is the finest ham in the world.

Our Iberian Hams are elaborated taking care the quality and traditional process, our Jamones Ibericos de Bellota are dried in a natural way and cured at least for 48 months to achieve a very sweet, nutty and intense flavor. All of this is a result of the special breed of black pig called ¨Ibérico¨ and their life and feeding conditions.

The pigs live in a free-rate condition expending their days running around the pastures looking for acorns, wild herbs and graze in the Dehesa in Extremadura. The consequence of this extensive and environment friendly animal farming is an exquisitely marbled raw material, packed with natural antioxidants – key ingredients for curing the ham.

At fall and winter, when the acorns are falling from the holm-oak trees, the pigs we the age of 10 months and with 200 pounds are released onto the dehesa to fimg-20161206-wa0035atten up. After 3 to 4 months each pig doubles its weight and in the winter is their time for the ¨sacrifice¨.

Our Jamones Ibericos de Bellota have an elongated shape and a fine cannon bone. It is covered with a very soft, shiny layer of fat. The meat has red purple colour with fat infiltrations. It melts in your mouth with hundreds of very intense and lengthy aromatic nuts nuances.

Simply delicious. Every hams are different and unique. A Iberian acorn ham Olmeda origenes, must be served between 20°-24°. in order to savour and enjoy the subtleties of this Jamón Ibérico de Bellota, Also they have to be cut in very fine slices as we show on this video.