21 Nov Sirha Lyon 2023: keys, program and all the information you need to know

Sirha Lyon has already set a date! From January 19 to 23 will be held in the French city of Lyon one of the most important events for the food and hospitality sector. This event brings together professionals from all across the world in a conference that aims to be a platform for innovation and propulsion of the entire “Food Service” sector. Here we leave you all the keys to know a little more about this culinary milestone, as well as information and program for this 2023.

What is Sirha Lyon? Let’s talk about Sirha Food

SIRHA FOOD’s mission is to inspire the food and hospitality industry to be at the forefront of influences, to understand an ever-changing world, and to serve as a source of information for the market and industry professionals.

Sirha Food is further divided into 7 exclusive events aimed at different industry players. These are:

Sirha Lyon belongs to the Sirha Food ecosystem, and is more than a gastronomic fair. Sirha Lyon brings together the most talented professionals from the 5 continents, as well as the leading companies in the food industry. It is here that the “Bocuse d’or” and the “Pastry World Cup contest”, two of the most prestigious culinary competitions in the world, have been held for many years.

Bocuse d’Or

Bocuse d'Or logo
Paul Bocuse
Paul BOCUSE, french cook

The Bocuse d’Or is considered one of the most internationally recognized cooking competitions. In fact, Bocuse d’Or is known as the “Olympics of gastronomy”, since only the “chefs of tomorrow” are able to pass the first eliminatory rounds.

The Bocuse d’Or is named after the talented French chef Paul Bocuse, and its first edition dates back to 1992. Held every two years in the city of Lyon, it is a competition in which teams from 5 continents participate. The competition consists of the preparation of two dishes based on a previously announced theme. Teams have 5 hours and 35 minutes to present dishes that embody the commitment, passion, technique and creativity that characterize this competition.

In this 2023 edition, the International Organizing Committee has decided to highlight seafood products, with monkfish being the protagonist of this edition.

Coupe du monde de la pâtisserie or « World Pastry Cup »

Coupe du Monde de la Pâtisserie logo
Chocolate dessert Italian group sirha lyon 2021
Starter from the Italian team, winners from the 2021 edition

This competition has been bringing together in the city of Lyon the best pastry teams in the world since 1989, and each edition produces unique pieces of the finest pastries.

Teams composed of 3 chefs – an icing specialist, a sugar expert and a chocolate expert – compete alongside 20 other pastry teams from around the world in their respective expertise fields. These teams are first selected as the best in their own countries, and then face other teams in a regional round (European Pastry Cup, Asian Pastry Cup…). Thus, we have 5 other continental competitions from which only 20 teams pass to the final in Lyon. Every 2 years, and after the elimination rounds, these promising teams meet at the final of the “Pastry Wold Cup” to work tirelessly for 10 hours on the creation of delicious desserts. In addition to the 3 specialists mentioned above, the team is joined by a chairman who participates in the tastings. A buffet of various pastries is prepared: chocolate creations, iced desserts, restaurant desserts and 2 sculptures, one in chocolate and the other in sugar.

This year 2023, the 20 pastry teams will compete under the theme of “climate change”.

Program Sirha Lyon 2023

program thrusday 19 January
Program Thrusday 19th January
Program Friday 20th January
Program Friday 20th January
Program Saturday 21st January
Program Saturday 21st January
Program Sunday 22nd January
Program Sunday 22nd January
Program Monday 23rd January
Program Monday 23rd January

Useful Information

Dates: From Thrusday 19th January to Monday 23rd January, 2023

Open to public: from 9:00 AM to 18:00 PM

Location for visitors:

From Lyon: Follow “Porte Ouest Visiteurs” (West Door Visitors). Entering from the A43, exit “Eurexpo”

Boulevard de l’Europe 69680 Chassieu

From Paris/Geneva: Follow “Porte Nord Visiteurs” (North Door Visitors), from A46, exit 8: “Eurexpo Visiteurs”

Rue Marius Berliet 69680 Chassieu

Desde Chambéry/Grenoble: Follow “Porte Sud Visiteurs” (South Door Visitors), from A46, exit 10: following from “Eurexpo Visiteurs”.

Boulevard des Expositions 69680 Chassieu

Location for exhibitors:

Follow “Porte Est Exposants” (East Door Exhibitors), A46, exit 9: “Eurexpo Exhibitors”. Avenue Louis Blériot, 69680 Chassieu.