14 Mar Smoked paprika: the jewel of the Spanish spices.

Smoked paprika: the jewel of the Spanish spices


In order to trace the origin of our Olmeda Orígenes Smoked Paprika we need to travel to the region of La Vera, situated at the north of Caceres. There, we meet our manufacturer in a paprika field. He will take us through the artisanal process of elaboration of paprika, until it is ready for consumption. It all starts in February, when the seeds are planted. February is the key moment to plant this variety of peppers, as it guarantees their complete and optimum development. The seeds are planted into trays, and it is not until May that they have grown strong enough to be trasplanted into the fields. Once they are planted on the ground, they will grow during a period between two and a half and three months, during which they will develop this appreciated D.O. La Vera variety of peppers. Plants grow free without the intervention of any pesticides affecting the quality or healthiness of the final product.

It is not until the beginning of October when they start to be collected by hand and taken to the dryers, where they will be also dried and smoked during 8 or 10 days with oak and holm oak wood. During this period they are moved and mixed in order to achieve a uniform smoking. The resulting products are 100% smoked and dry peppers of an amazing quality, being the best ones in Spain and the rest of the world, that are grouped in cotton bags in order to be transported to the manufacturer for the last step.

Peppers are taken to the to the manufacturer’s facilities in order to finish the process. Our provider belongs to the fourth generation in a family completely dedicated for centuries to the production of Paprika with D.O. La Vera, counting on a vast experience and knowledge on the sector. There, the peppers undergo the process of crushing and grinding until obtaining a very fine, blended powder: the fantastic smoked paprika. Finally, it is canned under our brand Olmeda Orígenes and it is ready to distribute worldwide.

Enter here to watch all the process in video: extremely interesting!

How can we use Olmeda Orígenes smoked paprika?

We have already discovered how this jewel of the Mediterranean gastronomy is obtained… However, do we really know how to incorporate it to our daily meals? Keep on reading and we will show you some fantastic tricks to make star dishes at home.

Marinate your meats with our smoked paprika:

You will need some three or four big spoons of smoked paprika, 2 garlics, salt, pepper, 2 spoons of extra virgin Olive Oil Olmeda Orígenes and some parsley leafs. Mix everything together and leave meat to marinate overnight. The result is an innovative way to eat meat, giving it juiciness and a unique combination of flavors.

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A special touch for grilled vegetables and fish:

Add a pinch of smoked paprika and a small spoon of olive oil when cooking to turn a boring dish of grilled fish or vegetables to an enjoyable treat for the palate.

Surprise your family or friends serving Olmeda Orígenes octopus with paprika.

Our Olmeda Orígenes octopus is already cooked, you just need to cut it into small discs, add some salt, pepper and paprika, and it is ready to eat. Without any doubt it is an amazing way to make your guests travel to any bar in Galicia without leaving your seat. Of course if you feel like trying a more sophisticated version, we invite you to try our following recipe  !

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Just to finish we want to give you one recommendation: try Majorero Cheese Olmeda Orígenes with D.O. Fuerteventura (Canary Islands) which is covered in sweet paprika… only for paprika lovers!!

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