27 Jan #Mediterraneandiet: Menu of the day

The rhythm of life in today’s society demands that we are constantly active, moving around with little room in our heads to take care of other things that are as important as work, studies or our relationships. We are talking about health, about giving to our bodies the vitamins and proteins it needs to face the day without faltering in the attempt. Sometimes it is hard-working: we have little time to cook and no time to plan a menu… From Olmeda Orígenes we declare ourselves fans of our gastronomy, of our traditional cuisine; and we heavily support the idea that there is always time for tradition in today’s busy kitchens. Acknowledging the positive properties of the Mediterranean diet, and the little time that we have to devise complete menus, this new section of the blog aims to suggest three-dishes Mediterranean style menus to make you life a bit tastier.

The Mediterranean Diet is part of our culture. It is healthy, full of flavour and based on key products such as olive oil, vegetables and seasonal products. Every time a Spaniard meets a foreigner, we are ambassadors of our culture, our traditions, our lifestyle and of course, of our rich gastronomy. Olmeda Orígenes acts as a representative of our most traditional gastronomy, offering top quality products so to get that unique taste of what is ours. In our first three-dishes menu, we are presenting a starter, a main course and a sweet dessert, to finish eating with a good Mediterranean taste in your mouth.

The starter is a classical: Tortilla de patatas. A good tortilla never dissapoints: with onion or without, cooked or slightly liquid… Warn: do not eat more than 2 chunks or you will not have space for the rest! We recommend you to cook your tortilla with our Extra Virgin olive oil, to guarantee the best taste.

Main dish is a mushroom risotto with grated cheese. A good risotto will definitely fill your stomach and satisfy your heart: cook it with a premium bomba rice to guarantee that the grains remain soft and loose. To add a extra touch, incorporate a bit of our Idiazabal Cheese grated in the risotto as soon as it is finished!

Last but not least, we propose a very typical dessert from our land: membrillo. This traditional sweet is made from natural fruits and can enhance any sponge cake, pastry or chocolate recipe you cook. It fits perfectly with nuts, chestnuts and figs; and for a sweet-salad contrast try it with one of our manchego cheeses!

We hope that we have given you some inspiration for your menus at home. In case you can not wait to get your hands dirty (gastronomically speaking), you can find our portfolio of products in our website to help you cooking these amazing dishes.

Stay tuned for more!