01 Sep Companies with soul, the key to success..


The concept of sale goes beyond the mere commercial treatment of the exchange of products for its economic value. Behind all this there are subjective elements that will undoubtedly help to create a favorable atmosphere in business relations.

These subjective elements probably are not studied in business schools that focus on explaining the theoretical element of sales … A good analysis of the market, competition, positioning, barriers to entry and exit in markets, SWOT studies , Etc., undoubtedly will be the key to success in our business relations, ¿no doubt?

My personal experience tells me that years ago commercial work was developed without previous analytical studies of each action and therefore without evaluating the economic return of each specific action. Simply through knowledge of the product, service, perseverance and personal relationships generated the need for purchase. Everything can be sold in any market, every product has its niche and the possibility to make it grow always having in consideration the elements already mentioned.

The empathy between a buyer and seller is generated at the same time when both of them are reunited and having a conversation. Passion for your products, monitoring and professionalism, interest in business development, visits to the market will be the differentiating element between a sale and a business ..

This relationship must be deepened over time and even generate a real friendship between people and companies. The generosity of both is essential to reach absolute trust between them and the mutual consideration of strategic partner for any future business, turning a mere transaction into a long-term opportunity. This concept, relationships in business, our personality and enthusiasm, our commitment certainly goes unnoticed for many professionals forgetting that work is part of our lives as much as family, friends and hobbies.

I defend a way of doing business that is based on human relations between people putting in value that not everything has a price but the satisfaction of doing business will be bigger if we get to understand and empathize with our clients, even when you can not evaluate the investment return immediately.


Jesús Pelaez