Catalan Fuet Cone and Olmeda Orígenes Breads: An Irresistible Combination

28 May Catalan Fuet Cone and Olmeda Orígenes Breads: An Irresistible Combination

The Olmeda Orígenes Bread Collection is a celebration of Seville’s rich breadmaking tradition in Andalusia. Crafted artisanally, these breads not only represent the quality of our land but also offer unparalleled versatility and flavor that can transform any dish. This collection includes four unique varieties: Pan Soplado, Láminas de Pan, Regañá Duo, Bastones de Pan, and Picos de Jerez. Each of these products is perfect both as an accompaniment and as the star of your culinary recipes.

Souffle bread

Souffle bread is a light and airy option, ideal for those seeking a lighter but crunchy bread experience. This bread, with its unique texture, is perfect for accompanying soups, salads, or as an appetizer with a touch of olive oil and salt. Its artisanal preparation ensures an internal structure with uniform bubbles, providing a crispy and delicious bite with each mouthful.

Bread leaves

Bread leaves are a versatile and elegant addition to any table. These thin and crispy sheets are perfect for canapés or to accompany cheese and cold cut platters. Their delicate texture and neutral flavor allow the flavors of the accompaniments to shine. Perfect for maintaining their crispness even with moist ingredients, these sheets are an ideal culinary choice.

Regañá Duo

Regañá Duo is a portable and compact version of the classic regañá, perfect for on-the-go snacking. With only 25 grams, this product is ideal for nibbling between meals or including in a lunchbox. Originating from southern Spain, regañá is distinguished by its crispy texture and slightly salty flavor. The Duo version offers practical and manageable portions, maintaining the quality and freshness of traditional regañás.

Baston Bread

Bastones de Pan are an essential classic in any bread collection. With 150 grams of pure crispy delight, these breadsticks are perfect for dipping in sauces or enjoying on their own as a healthy snack. Their elongated shape and crispy texture make them particularly appealing to bread lovers. Their neutral flavor makes them a versatile accompaniment for all types of meals.

Picos from Jerez

Picos from Jerez are crunchy breadsticks originating from the Jerez region of Andalusia. Their distinctive flavor and texture make them a perfect addition to the Olmeda Orígenes Bread Collection. These breadsticks add a delightful crunch and a touch of regional authenticity to any meal or snack.

The Olmeda Orígenes Bread Collection, crafted in Seville, Andalusia, reflects a dedication to tradition and quality from our land. From the light Pan Soplado to the versatile Bastones de Pan and the regional addition of Picos de Jerez, each product has been crafted with care to ensure the best quality and flavor. These products are not only perfect for any occasion but also reflect a tradition of artisanal bakery that combines the best of innovation and tradition.

Explore this collection and discover how each of these breads can add a special touch to your daily meals and snacks, serving both as a luxurious accompaniment and as the star ingredient in your extraordinary culinary recipes.

Recipe for Fuet Cone


  • 200g of Catalan Fuet Olmeda Origenes
  • 1 pack of bread sheets or regañá
  • Olives and/or almonds (optional, for accompaniment)


  1. Preparation of the Cone:
    • Begin by slicing the fuet thinly. You can do this diagonally for a more decorative appearance.
    • Take a large sheet of parchment paper or aluminum foil and roll it into a cone, ensuring that the end is closed enough to hold the fuet.
    • Insert the slices of fuet into the paper cone, starting from the bottom and working your way up in concentric layers until the entire cone is covered.
  2. Assembly:
    • Once the cone is filled with fuet, you can begin decorating around the base of the cone with bread sheets or regañá. You can fold the sheets or cut them into decorative shapes for a better visual appeal.
    • If desired, you can intersperse some olives or almonds between the layers of fuet to add an extra touch of flavor and decoration.
  3. Presentation:
    • Place the fuet cone on a serving plate or board and accompany it with more bread sheets or regañá on the plate so that guests can easily serve themselves.
    • Serve and enjoy this delicious and elegant appetizer with your loved ones!

This fuet cone is a creative and attractive way to present this delicious cured meat, and it’s sure to be a hit at any gathering. I hope you enjoy preparing and sharing it with your friends and family!