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Picos from Jerez with olive oil

Picos from Jerez are the tastiest accompanying in your meals, a traditional bread that goes perfectly with a tapa and your glass of wine or beer. Our delicious picos from Jerez are made in Jerez de la frontera, nationally known to be the cradle of popular culture in Spain.

Picos from Jerez are a natural crunchy snack that every good Spaniard has had in their childhood days. The history of this snack originates from the bakers needs of making some extra money by selling the remaining dough when traditionally making bread. Picos began making part of famous tapas such as the “Russian salad” tapa, dish to which picos of olive oil were added; and to this day, Russian salad with picos is still a must-have in any bar, tavern, restaurant or beach bar. To this day, picos are eaten together with iberico ham, lomo, chorizo, meat, cheese, sauces, sobrasada, dish, pâté, salad, potatoes, gazpacho and soups.


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• 200 gr. bag Product code: 22002



Tasting note

Crunchy and delicious. Slightly roasted in traditional oven. Simple or extra virgin olive oil taste.

Shelf Life 12 months
Origen Jerez, Cádiz.