06 Feb The #bestspanishfood conquers Sirha 2019

Lyon is the world’s food capital due to the biggest culinary event in the world, Sirha and many other reasons such as: the popular gastronomic traditions existing there, the fact that it is home to many top chefs along the history and the culinary richness that the outdoor markets give to the city. The event reunits more than 3,000 firms, nearly 21,000 culinary professionals from different fields and around 30,000 international visitors including chefs, importers, distributors, restaurant owners… This is undoubtedly a unique window to show what we do to the rest of the world, and we were there, proud exhibitors in the Spanish hall. We had the chance to meet some of our international clients who did not want to miss the event. We also had some meetings with possible partners in different countries, which we hope it benefits our brand expansion to new countries.

One of the best experiences during the event was to be able to receive the most important chefs in the world, those granted with Michelin Stars owners of the best restaurants.

We especially enjoyed the visit of Jordi Vila from Constance Lemuria in Seychelles, and Chef Cedric Ambrosio from Mandarin Oriental Marrakech, amazing professionals who loved our products.

In addition, we were happy to present our new products for 2019: goat paprika cheese from the Canary Islands, cow cheese Blanc de Sort from Catalonia, a new packaging for Marcona Almonds Olmeda Origenes, together with our best sellers: Iberian acorn ham, sobrasada D.O. Mallorca, chorizo, our cheese collection, canned fish, extra virgin olive oil, among others.