08 Sep Taking the taste of Spain around the world

At Olmeda Origenes we know the importance of continuing to visit different countries to continue supporting our partners and to keep strengthening our relationships with them.

These last months we had the honor to be invited at three events in which we have been able to showcase some of our most representative Spanish products and share experiences with gastronomy lovers.

First Stop: Finland

We started with our first trip Finland That we have made in these last 3 months, we went to Finland with our partners Bravo Gourmet. It was a great experience in which we could present some of our products such as our cured meats, cecina, chorizo and sliced Iberico. We also offered some samples of our famous manchego and mahon cheeses which are from the best regions of Spain and surprise the most demanding palates.

it was a trip of much learning in which we were able to talk to many people who were surprised with our products.
It is always good to know the opinions of different people about our products to return home with a good feedback.

Next Stop ! South Africa

On July 25th at the wonderful Annual Trade Show at South Africa with our partners from Wild Peacock we were at a great event in which more than 20 exhibitors exposed different types of products together with us andin the beautiful venue of Kleinjoostenberg, on this occasion we had the opportunity to present some of our iconic references such as paprika, piquillo peppers, olives, quince jelly, sardines and many more, around 300 people were delighted with them. 

We were surprised by the great response of the people with our stand, as they were always interested in knowing our products.

We took with us a great experience of South Africa which is a wonderful country that gave us spectacular moments and its people received us in a wonderful way, it is always an honor to discover new cultures and traditions that enrich our values.

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Finally Copenhaguen

A few weeks later our partners from Kalu invited us to participate on the first event in Copenhagen; the wonderful gourmet market on fair.

It was a spectacular event in a city that welcomed us with open arms and we lived a great experience.

We had the opportunity to test with the public two latest launches, the sheep cheese with truffle and the balsamic vinegar cream with truffle and they were greatly , In addition we bringing some traditional products of Spanish gastronomy that have accompanied us for longer. We also lived a spectacular event in a special atmosphere and we surprised visitors with the most traditional flavors of Spain, this shows that our products are leading the market all over the world.

It was a few spectacular weeks in which we could learn about different products and met new cultures and spectacular people, hopefully we can continue attending these kinds of events and continue to grow together. Olmeda Origenes always supporting our partners and sharing the best Spanish food worldwide.