29 Jun Valencian Paella with Bomba Rice Olmeda Origenes

Paella Olmeda Origenes Bomba RiceIngredients (for 4 people)

400 grs of Bomba Rice

Stock: 1,5 litres

1,5 kg of chicken cut into pieces

300 grs of boiled vegetables

1 tin of grated tomato

1 drop of paprika


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Fleur de Sel


Put the extra virgin olive oil in a 40 cm diameter paella pan and fry the chicken. Them lightly fry the boiled vegetables. Add the grated tomato and fry for 4 extra minutes. Add the paprika stir and quickly add the rice; stir the rice mixed with the “sofrito” sauce above. Add the sock, saffron and salt to taste. Let the juice consume in low flame.