24 Apr Hummus with Castilian chickpeas and Paprika Olmeda Orígenes





With the Thermomix is made in a jiffy! Put all the ingredients into the thermomix (except the paprika and cuquillo olives), one minute with progressive speed 3-5-9, and it will be ready. Try and if it is necessary add more salt, and if you want more garlic flavour, take one or more and beat again.

Also it can be made with any type of beater.

Serve and sprinkle with sweet or spicy paprika Olmeda OrÍgenes and sliced Cuquillo olives.

Accompanied by a Picos Jerezanos with olive oil or a Regañas is amazing!!! always Best Spanish Food!!

Recipe elaborated by the spanish blogger Marta del Pino[/vc_column_text]

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