How to cut ham

02 Dec How to cut ham

Now that christmas it’s coming, it’s perfect time to write about how to cut a ham properly (and how to preservate it), sometimes it is quite difficult and if you do it in the wrong way it lose taste. Our Olmeda Origenes ham is the best option this christmas, to enjoy with your family and friends.

Place the ham in the ham hold errand wait 24 hours

Make a deep cut 2cm below the hoof bone. Peel the external ”crust” and layer of fat. Throw the crust and keep part of the soft fat in a container. Peel both side soft he ham when needed.

Start cutting very thin slices, making small but precise movements from left to right. Do not cut too long slices. Keep the other hand away from the cutting surface to prevent any accidents. The ideal position is holding the slice with the other hand.

Place each slice on the plate, either in circles from in side to out side or in lines to make an ice presentation.

When the bone appears circle around it with a sharp knife to I so late It from the meat.

Twist the ham when there is no more meat at the top.

Preservation and serving tips

  1. Our hams are fully vacuum reserved. When it is going to be used : unwrap the ham, set it in the ham holder and keep it out of the refrigerator for one day before starting to cut.
  2. Ideal room temperature of preservation of the ham: between 15 and 25ºC, avoid keeping the ham near fryers ,ovens or other heat source sand light.
  3. Cover the ham cut surface eat the end of the day with some fat from the ham and a linen or cotton cloth to prevent oxidation and hardening.
  4. Do not open more than none cut surface on the ham. Open it on top and keep cutting in the same direction.
  5. Choose the correct knife: thin blade, flexible and long, especially designed to get thin and perfects slices. Keep the knife correctly sharped.
  6. Optimum serving temperature of the servings: 20/24ºC, when the ham starts to ”sweat” its fat on the plate.
  7. Of the temperature is higher the fats present in the slice will melt in excess, leaving the ham too oily.
  8. If the temperature is lower , the fats will be solid and will not mix well in the mouth to enjoy the amazing flavour.
  9. Do not cut extra slices to keep, or pre-prepare rations. Always serve your freshly cut ham at the perfect serving temperature
Here you have a video on youtube explaining more tips, watch it!

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