Exploring Origins: The Story of Olmeda Origins

30 Apr Exploring Origins: The Story of Olmeda Origins

Discovering the Essence of Olmeda Origins: A Journey Through the Tradition and Authentic Flavors of Spain

Home of Authentic Flavors

In the heart of Olmeda de las Fuentes, a small Spanish village steeped in history and tradition, a story was born that transcends borders and cultures: the story of Olmeda Origins. It all began in my father’s home, a place where friends gathered to enjoy exquisite meals, fine wine, and lively conversations that stretched into the late hours of the night.

In Search of Origin

My father, a man who longed for the authentic and simple, dreamed of escaping the bustle of the big city and returning to his roots, where lost customs and genuine local products still prevailed. He sought the beginning, the origin, the soul of a village that resonated in his memories of youth, imbued with aromas and flavors that evoked the kitchens of his childhood.

The Origin of Olmeda Orígenes

Thus was born Olmeda Orígenes, as a tribute to the richness of Spanish culinary tradition and an tireless quest for the finest selected products from rural Spain. In this corner of the world, where bread tastes of freshly baked flour, tomatoes of the hands that cultivate them, meat of spring pastures, and cheese of cream, we find the very essence of good, simple, and authentic cuisine.

Exporting Tradition

With an export vocation rooted in its DNA, the company has ventured on a journey around the world, carrying with it the unique flavor of Spanish gastronomy to the remotest and most exotic corners of the planet. From the Nordic countries to the Middle East, Asia, and Northern Europe, our products have conquered demanding palates and found their place on the menus of international haute cuisine.

The Taste of Spain in the World

But what is the secret to our success abroad? The answer lies in our meticulous selection of Spanish artisan products, from La Vera paprika to Cordoba olives, through artisan cheeses from all over Spain and cooked Iberian hams from Móstoles. With over 300 references under the Olmeda Orígenes brand, our offering is a sensory journey through the flavors and aromas of the Spanish land.

An Uninterrupted Journey

From our humble beginnings in 2007, we have expanded our reach to over 50 markets worldwide, specializing in the HORECA channel. But our journey has only just begun. In search of new horizons, we have set out to develop a range of unique international artisan products, importing them to Spain to further enrich the culinary experience of our customers.

The Search for the Soul

This is the story of Olmeda Origins, a story of passion for the authentic, of love for good food, and of an unbreakable commitment to tradition and quality. Because, as my father used to say, the soul must be sought in the origin. And he, as always, was right.