06 Feb Spanish Fields: Latest Updates on the Current Landscape of Farmers in Spain

In this article, we will delve into how the current situation of farmers in Spain directly affects Olmeda Orígenes and its artisanal products. We will explore how the challenges and demands of farmers impact the supply chain and the quality of products offered by Olmeda Orígenes, highlighting the importance of supporting local producers in an increasingly challenging market.


A tractor protest organized through social media is causing road closures, traffic jams, and blockades on various highways across Spain in response to the agricultural sector crisis and the agricultural policies of the European Union. Hundreds of tractors have taken to the roads since early morning, and it is expected that the demonstrations will continue throughout the day and possibly into tomorrow in some areas. These protests, organized by groups of independent farmers via social media, are affecting a significant number of roads in several provinces of the country.

Although some of these tractor protests are not authorized by major agricultural organizations such as AVA-Asaja, Asaja Alicante, La Unió, CCPV-COAG, and UPA-PV, which announced a schedule of protests in previous days after meeting with the Minister of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Luis Planas. The ‘Civil Mobilization 6F’, which has called for today’s tractor protests, acts independently and denies having political interests despite the criticism received.

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Huelga de agricultores: última hora de las protestas y carreteras cortadas  en España, en directo

Spanish farmers are staging protests for several reasons, among which stand out:

1. Non-compliance with the Food Chain Law:

Farmers are concerned about the non-compliance with the Food Chain Law, which should guarantee fair prices and cover production costs. The law aims to value agricultural activity and ensure prices that allow producers to live decently. However, farmers believe this is not being fulfilled and demand concrete measures to ensure its effective implementation.

2. Professional Use Diesel Fuel

Farmers are requesting more direct and agile support for agricultural diesel fuel. Currently, the discount is provided through tax deductions at the end of the year, which does not immediately help farmers cope with high production costs. They demand that the discount be applied at the time of purchase, similar to what was done during the post-COVID period for other sectors.

3. Imports from Third Countries

Farmers denounce unfair competition from imports that do not comply with the same regulations as European products. This puts downward pressure on the prices of Spanish agricultural products, affecting the economic viability of many farms. They demand stricter controls at the border to ensure that imported products comply with EU regulations.

4. Impact of Drought

Drought is affecting many regions of Spain, causing losses in crop yields. Farmers demand payment of aid committed by the government to cope with the additional costs caused by drought. Additionally, they call for improvements in hydraulic infrastructure to ensure adequate access to water for irrigation.

5. Agricultural Insurance Reform

Farmers are calling for a reform of the agricultural insurance system to adapt it to new climate conditions and ensure better coverage against extreme weather events. They believe the current system does not provide adequate protection and changes are needed to reflect the challenges faced by the agricultural sector due to climate change.

6.Bureaucratic Burden

Farmers complain about excessive bureaucracy associated with the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) and other administrative procedures. They demand simplification of procedures and reduction of administrative burden to facilitate the management of their farms. Additionally, they call for a moratorium on the implementation of the digital farm record system and reforms to expedite the processes of application and receipt of aid.

Spanish farmers are facing a series of challenges that threaten their economic viability and the sustainability of the agricultural sector. From non-compliance with the Food Chain Law to unfair competition from imports, lack of effective measures to address drought, and the need for reform of the agricultural insurance system, these are some of the key concerns driving farmers to protest and demand changes. It is crucial for authorities and relevant organizations to take concrete actions to address these concerns and ensure a fair and supportive environment for Spanish farmers.

Huelga de agricultores, en directo: última hora de las protestas con  tractores, cortes de tráfico e incidencias | Actualidad | Cadena SER