05 May Artichokes in vinaigrette with crispy Ham Olmeda Orígenes




To crispy ham:
Place absorbent kitchen paper on a plate. Place the slices of ham (must be very thin) well separated from each other over the kitchen paper. Cover with more absorbent kitchen paper and with a plate. Put it into the microwave on high for 2 minutes. Turn the ham slices and put it 1 minute more. Remove the paper and allow to cool.

The vinaigrette:
Chop parsley and garlic very fine, the amount depending on the number of artichokes, and put in a bowl. Then add extra virgin olive oil Olmeda Orígenes, our sherry vinegar from Jerez and a little salt. Beat with a fork until the ingredients are mixed and reserve.

At the end, place the artichokes in a bowl. Put a teaspoon of vinaigrette, for each. Break the crispy ham and puncture a piece to each artichoke, serve and enjoy.

Recipe courtesy of Floruca[/vc_column_text]