Olmeda Orígenes | Smoked Sardines in olive oil.
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Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil

Our smoked sardines in olive oil are loins from big Pilchardus Sardines from the Bay of Cadiz and the Atlantic coast. They are completely clean with no skin or bones, having been carefully and individually cleaned and deboned by hand, naturally smoked using the best wood from our forest and preserved in olive oil and vinegar.

 We prepare this delicious product in Socuellamos (Ciudad Real) using the most ancient methods to preserve the fish inland. They are salted and them cold smoked achieving an extremely tender texture.

Tasting note

Our smoked sardines in olive oil are amber coloured. They have a fleshy, firm, tender texture. Their extraordinary aroma to natural wood smoke combines perfectly with a very intense salty sea flavour to produce a truly exquisite taste.

Shelf Life

5 months


Bay of Cadiz and Atlantic Ocean


  • Trays 100 grs. (4/6 fillets)

Product code: 17007

  • Tray 740 grs (27/30 fillets)

Product code: 17013