Olmeda Orígenes

Smoked Sardines in Olive Oil

We offer the freshest sardines that you can get, directly brought from the Bay of Cadiz and the Atlantic coast: we are talking of big loins of Pilchardus sardines, with no bones, no skin and completely cleaned and ready for consumption.

Every day, every morning, a boat departs from the Bay of Cadiz to fish these delicious sardines. They have been carefully and individually cleaned, and deboned by hand. Afterwards, they are naturally smoked using the best wood from our forests, preserved in olive oil and vinegar and finally sent to you for your personal delight. The taste of the Atlantic in every loin of our smoked sardines, representing our diet all around the world.


Enthusiastic about our smoked sardines? Contact us! Whether you are a wholesaler, importer, catering, restaurant or supermarket, we will offer a solution with our food service or retail packagings. We are experts in the selection and distribution of the best Spanish food with an internationally renowned brand. Olmeda Origenes is able to deliver to any part of the world with the necessary import requirements and documents, custom dispatch and all the benefits of a single brand. if you are interested, please contact export@olmedaorígenes.com and let yourself be captivated by our exceptional gastronomy.


• Tray 100 gr. (4/6 fillets) Product code: 17007
• Tray 740 gr. (27/30 fillets) Product code: 17013



Tasting note

Our smoked sardines in olive oil are amber coloured. They have a fleshy, firm, tender texture. Their extraordinary aroma to natural wood smoke combines perfectly with a very intense salty sea flavour to produce a truly exquisite taste.

Shelf Life 5 months
Origin Bay of Cadiz and Atlantic Ocean.