Olmeda Origenes | Gildas.
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Gildas are one of the most typical tapas in the Basque Country, cradle of “pintxos”.

Our gildas are the classic version of this amazing pintxo. They contain one anchovy of the Cantabrian Sea, one Basque Chilli Pepper, and one olive, and they are put on a skewer by hand one by one. They come in a jar, covered in olive oil. As a tapa they are great to enjoy with a drink, or to have them as an appetizer.

Tasting note

Our Olmeda Origenes  gildas  have a fleshy and juicy texture and a fine and soft salty touch of the anchovy, the slightly spicy touch of the basque chilli pepper and the crunchiness of the olive. Serve at room temperature.

Shelf Life

5 months


Socuellamos, Ciudad Real


  • Jar 300 gr, 7 pcs per jar

Product code: 17029

  • Jar 900 gr, 21 pcs per jar

Product code: 17030