Olmeda Origenes | Lomo Blanco.
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Lomo Blanco

In Villacastín (Segovia), the convents, the centenary churches and the narrow streets remind us of noble Castilian traditions.


We remove the fat from our Lomo Blanco and then we marinate it with paprika, different herbs, salt and pepper. Then we cure it for more than three months in our drying facilities.

Tasting note

Pink in colour with fine infiltrations.


Firm and juicy texture. Spicy aromas stand out. On the palate it is soft and elegant, with hints of olive oil, and paprika.


Best served between 20°- 24°. In order to savour and enjoy the subtleties of this product it should be cut in very fine slices.

Shelf Life

12 months


Sierra de Villacastín, Segovia



  • Piece from 1,4 Kg up to 2 Kg approx.

Product code: 15004