• 21076Jerez balsamic cream DOP with black truffles

Olmeda Orígenes

Jerez cream with Black Truffles

Our Jerez cream with black truffle is a product derived from the prestigious sherry vinegar and the most natural truffles that you can find in our country (from Tuber melanosporum truffles). This cream is a product that perfectly complements a multitude of recipes, from salads to cheeses, pates, and meats.

This product is carefully harvested in the extensive plantations of Mediona, in Barcelona, and adds a special touch to the classic of Jerez. The truffle is handcrafted with care and dedication to blend this delicate ingredient with the cream, so to obtain a premium product with a totally natural aroma to black truffle. With a dense texture and a balanced flavor, our cream gives your dishes just the right touch of truffle without tiring the palate. We encourage you to season your recipes with this star product that is sweeping professional kitchens around the world.


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• 250 ml. bottle Product code: 21076



Tasting note

Perfectly balanced so no ingredient step above other, cleaned and aromatic scent, sweet characteristic taste and dark brown colour.

Shelf Life 24 months
Origen Mediona, Barcelona.