• Deer burgers Olmeda Origenes
  • Deer burgers Olmeda Origenes

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Deer burgers

The deer is a mammal of about 200 kg that lives in the wild in the province of Jaén (Andalusia) and is obtained during the hunting season between September and February. They are very tasty animals and their meat is very healthy as the animals are born and spend their whole life in the wild with a completely wild diet. It is one of the leanest red meats that can be found, as these animals contain hardly any fat, which makes them very healthy, with a high iron and vitamin B12 content.

The loin is one of the most appreciated parts as it is tender and juicy. Our medallions are presented in pieces of 120 gr, frozen and totally clean.

Olmeda Orígenes deer burgers are made with the finest parts of the deer.
The burgers are made with deer meat (mainly neck and shoulder) mixed with pork belly and its spices. As the deer meat is so lean (i.e. without fat) it is necessary to mix it with a little pork fat so that the meat does not become dry and tough.


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•Pack approx. 1kg. Contains 6 pieces x 150g/piece. Product code: 35005




Deer burgers 150 gr

Origin Jaen, Spain