Olmeda Origenes | Cecina Iberica.
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Cecina Iberica

After a beautiful trip through the province of León, in search of the best Cecina from León, we arrive at Ferral Del Bernesga. Here at an altitude of 800 meters, the long, cold, hard, snowy winters provide the best conditions for the preparation of this beef ham.

Our Cecina Iberica from León is from five year old from native cows from León weighing 400 Kg. It has a curing period of 14 months approximately, and has a slight smoky flavour of oak wood. It has wonderful fat infiltrations that give it its distinctive flavour, as the fats melt in the mouth.

Tasting note

It has a slightly dark brown colour on the outside and turns red on the inside, reaching a cherry red in the centre of the piece. It has abundant fat infiltrations, typical of animals bred in freedom. It has a deep, fine smoked aroma, and a soft, sweet, creamy flavour from the country herbs.

Best served between 20°-24°C. In order to savour and enjoy the subtleties of this Cecina de León, it should be cut in very fine slices.

Shelf Life

12 months


Ferral del Bernesga, León.


  • In pieces completely cleaned, divided in pieces and vacuum-sealed. 0,8 Kg. approx.

Product code 12004