Olmeda Orígenes | Manzanilla Olive.
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Manzanilla Olive

The Manzanilla olive is the “queen” of the Spanish green olives. We prepare them in a simple way: we add water, sea salt and aromatic herbs to enhance their flavour. It is a fleshy and medium sized variety. These olives are present in all Spanish traditional meals, either as a salad, or accompanying a good wine.

Olives pitted and unpitted.

Shelf Life

36 months


Puente Genil, Córdoba


  • Crystal jar 370 gr unpitted; Product code: 24002
  • Crystal jar 370 gr pitted; Product code: 24003
  • Crystal gallon 4200 gr unpitted; Product code: 24022
  • Crystal gallon 4200 gr pitted; Product code: 24023