Olmeda Orígenes

Salchichón Ibérico de Bellota

From the noblest pieces of the Iberian pigs, Olmeda Orígenes selects the best Salchichón Ibérico to put it right into your table and impress your guests with its long-lasting delicious flavor.

In Villacastín, cold winters, temperature summers and mountain air caresses our exceptional Iberian Salchichon. A fine slice of this salchichón will make anyone repeat, fascinated by its unique taste that slightly reminds us of nuts. These pigs are exclusively fed on acorns from October to February and to enhance its flavour, and then it is properly marinated with pepper, salt, garlic and country herbs. Afterwards and finally, it is left to air for 4 months, after it has been put into a natural sausage casing… naturally good.


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• Piece from 0.9 Kg up to 1.2 Kg approx. Product code: 15002



Tasting note

Full flavour that lingers a long time in the mouth. Hints of pepper and yeast stand out and it reminds us slightly of nuts.

Our Iberian acorn Salchichón Olmeda Orígenes should be served between 17° and 20°. In order to enjoy and taste all the subtleties of this product, it should be cut in very fine slices.

Shelf Life 12 months

Origin Sierra de Villacastín, Segovia.