Olmeda Orígenes

Smoked Sweet or Spicy Spanish Paprika DOP. La Vera

Another star product from our land: you will not find a single Spanish recipe that does not include paprika La Vera. Strong smoked flavor and penetrating aroma is what characterizes Paprika DOP La Vera, a spice that will elevate any of your dishes.

Losar de La Vera is nationally valorated as the traditional producer of this priceless powder. The technique for the elaboration of this incomparable spice was a legacy handed down from parents to children, favor by the microclimate of this area. The Olmeda Orígenes Paprika is made from the grinding of “Capsicum Annum” (Bola, Jaranda, Jariza and Jerpmín varieties) in the traditional stone mills and it is then dried with Oak and Holm Oak wood. This Mediterranean spice is certified by Denomination of Origin to guarantee the best taste for your soups, sauces, pickles, meat and fish.


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• 75 gr. Smoked sweet Paprika tin. Product code: 21007
• 75 gr. Smoked spicy Paprika tin. Product code: 21008

• 750 gr. Smoked sweet Paprika can. Product code: 21022

• 750 gr. Smoked spicy Paprika can. 



Tasting note

It has a smoky intense penetrating flavour and aroma. It has a stable red colour, and it can be sweet or spicy depending on which fruit is used.

Shelf Life 18 months
Origen Losar de La Vera, Cáceres.