Olmeda Orígenes

Iberian Shoulder Cooked

Olmeda Orígenes selects the finest Spanish Iberian ham to bring you an exquisite and incomparable flavour. This steamed ham presents a sweet and smooth texture and unique fresh savour that would satisfy anyone’s palate.

This is a premium cooked Iberian ham, a full-fat ham with a succulent fat infiltration inside, which we steam for 12 hours. It is a smoked ham that has been given a gentle touch of natural beech smoke. Light cooked meat perfect for any recipe, to accompany a slice of toasted bread, or to serve it in a table with any of our other great products. We offer this cooked ham in different formats, with bone, semi-deboned, deboned or sliced for everyone’s convenience.


Enthusiastic about our Iberian Shoulder Cooked? Contact us! Whether you are a wholesaler, importer, catering, restaurant or supermarket, we will offer a solution with our food service or retail packagings. We are experts in the selection and distribution of the best Spanish food with an internationally renowned brand. Olmeda Origenes is able to deliver to any part of the world with the necessary import requirements and documents, custom dispatch and all the benefits of a single brand. if you are interested, please contact export@olmedaorígenes.com and let yourself be captivated by our exceptional gastronomy.



· Semi-boneless cooked Iberian shoulder. Product code: 13007

· Cooked boneless Iberian shoulder (in halves). Product code: 13008



Tasting note

It has a characteristic Jamon Iberico shape, dark skin with a black hoof, its meat has abundant fat infiltrations and melts in your mouth. To the palate it is fresh, natural and reminiscent of country flavours.

Shelf Life 90 days
Origin Móstoles, Madrid.