Olmeda Orígenes

Cooked Octopus from Galicia

From immemorial times in all coastal regions of Galicia octopus has been captured and prepared following traditional recipes, resulting in one of the most best-known and appreciated sea products in our cuisine.

Galicia, located in the northern Spain, is where octopus reaches its greatest dimensions and where this ingredient reaches its maximum splendor in recipes as well-known as “pulpo feria”, a culinary marvel of our gastronomy. Cooking a good octopus à feira is an art that pulpeiras or pulepiros have been doing since ancient times, the tradition has been passed from generation to generation and is typically elaborated in local restaurants known as “pulperías”. It is common to find this local specialty in celebrations, fairs and festivals, as it is widely enjoyed by its flavor and aroma to sea. Our octopus is the “Vulgaris” variety, a native of the Atlantic coast; the most valued crustacean by professionals who work on the market and also the consumers.

“Olmeda origin octopus” is already steamed in juice directly into a vacuum bag, with no preservatives added: a natural octopus to enjoy 100% of both meat and juice. To consume simply put it for 5 minutes in boiling water or heat it 2 minutes in the microwave at full power, grill or griddle, and it is ready for seasoning to taste, eat and enjoy!


Enthusiastic about our cooked octopus? Contact us! Whether you are a wholesaler, importer, catering, restaurant or supermarket, we will offer a solution with our food service or retail packagings. We are experts in the selection and distribution of the best Spanish food with an internationally renowned brand. Olmeda Origenes is able to deliver to any part of the world with the necessary import requirements and documents, custom dispatch and all the benefits of a single brand. if you are interested, please contact export@olmedaorígenes.com and let yourself be captivated by our exceptional gastronomy.


• Vacuum bag 1 tentacle Product code: 17009
• Vacuum bag 2 tentacles Product code: 17010
• Vacuum bag 3 tentacles Product code: 17011



Shelf Life 4 months
Origin O Carballiño, Galicia. Spain.