Olmeda Origenes | White Chorizo Criollo.
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White Chorizo Criollo

After its Spanish origin, it returned to Spain following a tour throughout America. Gastronomy taken by Spaniards to the New World, where it was adapted to the local customs and taste. The Chorizo Criollo Olmeda Orígenes is a real example of merger of the superb Latin American culture.


Elaborated in Arbizu (Navarra) with the pig’s most noble meat which, once minced, is kneaded with white and black pepper, salt, garlic and natural spices and then is left to air for 4 or 5 days. Without additives or conservatives.

Tasting note

Brownish-pinkish coloured, they are homogeneous, smooth and compact. With a cylindrical shape, they are tied. To the nose, it highlights excellent aromas to pepper and country herbs. To the mouth, it has a firm and very pleasant texture with an intense pepper and wild herbs flavour.

The Chorizo Criollo Olmeda Orígenes must be stored from 0° to 5° and it must always be cooked: fried, roasted, oven, broiled, barbecued, stewed, etc.

Shelf Life

5 months


Arbizu, Navarra



  • White Chorizo Criollo 320 gr

Product code: 14024

  • White Chorizo Criollo 2,200 gr

Product code: 14026